Ella is a mountain town in the Central Highland of Sri Lanka, about 1000 meters above sea level. It is a beautiful village in the highlands of Sri Lanka which is filled with tea estates, mountains, waterfalls and of course with some good air to breath.  Ella rock might be a long way up but it’s worth all the struggle. Every day, so many people go and climb the Ella Rock. This is because of the special view it provides to its climber. Another wonder of Ella is its waterfalls. Ravana falls is a very popular waterfall. The refreshing and clean water that slide down on earth. It is one of the most popular sites in Sri Lanka. Ella is also home to a fantastic piece of colonial architecture which is the nine arches bridge - a huge bridge which serves as a crossing for trains in the area which was built in colonial times. Being at the bridge when a train chuffs by is truly a mesmeric experience. Ella is the perfect place to go to if one wants to refresh the brain. Views of mist and clouds covering the summits of the mountain range and the morning sun rise in Ella are spectacular scenes to witness and captured. After a fresh hike in the morning, hit a waterfall, grab some tasty Sri Lankan foods from somewhere with a beer, rest for a while and go for a railwalk to famous Nine Arch Bridge in the evening, you would sure love the all experience.