Kandy is a most popular city of Sri Lanka.  it is known as the hill capital of Sri Lanka. it is an attractive tourist destination. Its history dates back to the 15th century and was the last royal capital of the country. Km from Colombo It is the second largest city in Sri Lanka at a distance of 115 km. The culture around Kandy is plentiful; Teeth Devale is the most popular attraction. The center of the city is located in a valley 600 meters above sea level.Kandy Lake is an artificial creation by one of the past rulers and today, it is a scenic centre piece of the town. Also, home to an international cricket stadium, Kandy brings in thousands of cricket fans. Sports, religion, history and culture, Kandy has it all.
The temple of tooth relic is located in the royal palace complex of Kandy and is located adjacent to the Kandy Lake, built by the last king of Sri Lanka, Sri Vikrama Rajasinha. Every July, the relics and artifacts from the temple are paraded around the city on elephant back in a colourful festival called the EsalaPerahera. This festival is one of the most-watched cultural events in the country. It lasts for more than an hour and is adorned with traditional Kandyan dancers, elephants and one special elephant in charge of the most sacred relic. All these have come together in placing this city as a world heritage.